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Two months after the weddings of my two children, I enjoy wallowing in the memories daily. The tradition in our country of the bride taking the name of her husband is rooted in Scripture and beautifully symbolic. By changing her name to his, she proclaims that she belongs to him, that she has left her father and mother and has placed her life into the hands of a man to whom she has been given the privilege of “help mate” which God ordained from the beginning (Genesis 2:18). As Eve was presented by God to her husband Adam, the bride is presented to the groom by her father. God calls His Son, Jesus Christ, the “Bridegroom” and His church the “Bride of Christ”. His followers gladly identify themselves with Him. Just as a wife proudly bears her new name, we place our very identity in the name of Jesus Christ, Who is the head of the church (Colossians 1:18). We (his Bride) trust His guidance and the faithfulness of His promises. In the same way, man is to be the head of the home. The