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To Die For

Last night I began the preparations which continued into today, Easter Sunday. My daughter and her boyfriend are coming over for dinner this evening. I have triple checked everything five times. What does that even equal? The main dish, the side dishes, the salad, the dessert, the bread. The table is set. I've never been on time for anything (as my friends can testify), yet everything is ready and waiting over an hour early - and I have time to blog. As soon as my invitation was accepted I began planning. My heart is bursting with excitement to have them over and the meal is a very small token of my love. I've prepared this Easter dinner and done all I can to make it special, but it doesn't even touch the banquet that awaits us. Who am I to sit at that table, to partake of His love? His answer: "did your children have to earn the love that overflows in you? Did they do something special that made you feel this way? Or is it simply because they are yours?" Jesus