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Easy Does It

It's amazing to me how much God teaches me when I slow down long enough to listen. This morning I am "hanging out" in the airport after missing my flight and being rescheduled. People are racing in every direction, each with an agenda more important than the next guy's. Some are headed for vacation, others headed for business. After going through a pack of gum in about 5 minutes, I'm reminded that I will get to my destination eventually and tomorrow everything will be back to normal when I arrive at the office. In the meantime, what good will it do to tie myself in knots? I can't change much at this point but I can make the best of it. Is there someone God wants me to meet today? Is there someone needing encouragement or a listening ear? Or maybe just a smile? I want to be available to Him, ready to be used wherever and whenever He wills . After all, I am not my own but I've been bought with a price. Whether at work or play, may we who belong to Hi