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What's Inside

When doing an outreach for the homeless one winter, I met a man who I will never forget. Like the others, his clothes were torn and ragged. But instead of going with them through the food line, he sat down at the dusty old piano in the corner of the room. His old fingers began to glide over the keys and the most beautiful music I'd ever heard filled the air. Looking around in astonishment, I noticed that no one seemed to notice him. Not one person even glanced his direction! I nudged the woman next to me and said "Lisa, do you hear that guy? Oh my gosh, he should be playing in some concert hall to a crowd of thousands, and he's homeless!" She responded that his name was Joseph and he was well known in the city. Finally, he stopped playing and came through the line. Holding out his tray, I put a scoop of mashed potatoes in the corner. "You're amazing," I smiled.  He leaned forward and with the wink said, "so are you!" After that, I could