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Corrective Action

"This requires an immediate Corrective Action", says the boss with furrowed brow.  If you've ever worked in a mid to large sized corporation, you know these dreaded words can mean possible product recall, or manufacturing line down, or at minimum a slight production delay because something has gone wrong with the process. It also means that an aggressive search for the root cause begins, and a time-consuming, costly process of risk assessments followed by preventative measures to avoid further problems.

For whoever is found responsible, there is also the strong possibility of disciplinary action.

We strive to preserve our companies' reputations by preforming corrective actions which prove we have resolved issues that would otherwise call into question our integrity.

God's Word is a risk assessment. The issues with humanity are spelled out plainly, followed by the "process improvement" steps required to remedy what appears hopeless. It begins with identi…

Bullet Proof

I recently heard a story told by a private investigator.

One day his fellow officer pulled over a drunk driver. The driver got out of his car and, unbeknownst to the officer, had a gun in his waistband. That day the driver decided he was going to kill an officer.

He pulled his gun out and pointed it at him. He was standing just far enough away that the officer couldn't preform a gun take-away. In that split second, thoughts flashed through his mind. He could duck behind the car, hit the deck, or charge him. But he decided to trust his bullet proof vest to do what he knew it could do. Taking a couple of rounds while grabbing his own gun, he chose to enter the gunfight.

That officer didn't just have faith that he was wearing a vest - he had faith in the vest itself because he had repeatedly seen it stop bullets at the shooting range.

Likewise, those of us who have placed our faith in Jesus Christ have seen and experienced His redemptive power in our lives and and in the lives of…