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A Lesson In Contentment

It’s another white Christmas in Colorado, complete with sub-zero temperatures. It was a perfect day for meeting a friend at a nearby coffee shop.   There we were welcomed by a delightful ambiance of soft holiday music and the smell of coffee, hot cocoa and pastries. Sitting by the window, we heard Salvation Army bells ringing outside as shoppers scurried around in the snow wearing layers of colorful sweaters, hats and gloves, and thick socks in warm boots. We began talking about homeless people in the frigid conditions. My friend told me that she sees the same man on the same corner every single day on her way to work. Her eyes filled with tears as she described the poor man with tattered and torn clothes and how he is always accompanied by his dog. “But this dog is always so happy” she added, “His tail is always wagging as greets those passing by. No matter what, he’s happy”, she noted. To the homeless man’s companion, all is well with the world as long as he is by his master’s si