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Are You In Good Hands?

The catchy slogan, " you're in good hands with Allstate " accompanies compelling TV ads ending in the familiar, deep voice, asking the penetrating question  "...  are you in good hands ?" ... pregnant pause. This same question should punctuate the end of every Bible commentary and every church marquee. In reality, only those who have placed their lives into the hands of the one true, living God can answer in the affirmative. Notice I said God, not "a god".  The first commandment reveals the fact that the world offers a plethora of false gods that promise happiness. These things titillate us continuously and cause us to think "if I only had more money, more sex, a nicer car,  bigger house, better body.."  ad infinitum .  But the Bible promises blessings for those who believe and trust God alone. One time, a very wealthy young man approached Jesus, asking what he must do to receive eternal life. Knowing that this man had placed all of his