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Today I found myself musing over shelves filled with cracked and worn out trinkets at a local antique show. Many items on display were more familiar to me that I'd like to admit. As I picked up a rusty Folgers coffee can filled with tiddlywinks, a woman behind me exclaimed, "look at this!" Thinking she was talking to me, I turn around and realized she was speaking to an elderly woman who was slowly making her way over. "Doesn't she look just like Aunt Elsie?" The frail woman's voice quivered as she answered. "What an uncanny resemblance! Remember those ginger cookies she used to make and how she let us help her in the kitchen?" I listened as they journeyed back in time. "Oh yes, and she would read the story of the gingerbread boy while they baked in the oven.  I can still smell them", she reminisced, slowly running her finger over the frame. Walking away, I thought about how much more valuable the memory was that they shared tha