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Lessons Learned

Over the past thirty one years, I’ve worked for four successful high tech corporations. One thing they all have in common is a review process called “Lessons Learned” whereby the team who worked on a given project gathers data and meets to discuss what went well and what failed. This is a proven preventative measure to eliminate making the same mistakes again as well as to implement whatever contributed to the success of that product in future endeavors. I was convicted today during my reading of the Scriptures that I lack such a preventive measure in my personal life. Of course, I was eating lunch at the time and as usual, the Lord used that opportunity knowing it would sink in if He applied it to food (those who can’t relate, please bear with me).   I have read through countless diets. I have even committed to follow several of them with the best intentions. Yet I am angry when my clothes don’t fit (as some unfortunate individuals who have fallen victim to my ranting in the dres

Here's Your Change

There's been a lot of talk about "change" in our country lately. We together acknowledged our need for change by voting into presidency "The One" (according to Oprah ) who promised to bring it for us. We cast our votes of trust with the assumption that not only would he deliver on that promise, but that those changes would be for our good. But to whom do we turn for a change of heart? No president or leader can touch that. Is there someone who not only makes such a promise, but has a tried and proved record? After all, most of our issues are admittedly rooted in that place, where politics are more the result  of those issues rather than the cause. We talk about war on terrorism. But what exactly is terrorism? Is it not an act stemming from anger, fear, or distrust? Aren't those attitudes which often result in rebellion?  Jesus Christ dwelt among us as a man Who understood and reached into the hearts of those who trusted Him. He hasn't changed. But t