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Truth Decay

For the record, the dentist’s office is my least favorite place to be. I admit right here and now to being the biggest coward on the planet. It’s bad enough for a regular check-up but when I hear “hmmm, looks like decay…”mumbled over me, my butt starts inching down the chair. Yet tooth decay, if not treated, will only get worse. Forgive the play on words, but there is a huge epidemic of truth decay in our society that if not corrected, will only worsen. This disease dates back to the beginning of creation when the Serpent said to Eve “did God really say…? And from that point forward, we question truth and substitute it with what we want to believe. That choice leads to the worst kind of decay – the kind that leads to foolishness. The Bible compares truth with light and lies with darkness. One of the most obvious examples of this has to do with creation. It’s much easier to believe there is no Creator because, after all, that would make us accountable to Him. Yet God has shown