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Getting Back to the Garden

Sitting in the spa waiting room, I noticed a large book on the table next to me titled "Eden Restored". The botanical garden photograph on the cover was stunning. The book was filled with the most beautiful gardens found throughout the world.  I found myself being drawn into the pages as a lilac scented candle burned nearby, adding to the floral ambiance. Each photograph was accompanied by a description and location of the garden featured along with a "how-to" article for creating a similar look in your space. What struck me was the feeling of serenity that came over me simply by looking through pictures and breathing in the sweet aroma. There seems to be some kind of need within us to return to a "paradise", whatever that means by our personal definition. If what I was feeling in that moment was based on a simulated reality, what must the original Garden of Eden have been like? Breath-taking in beauty beyond anything we have ever seen or imagined, i