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Thrilling Me Softly

This Valentine's Day happened to fall during a week of disappointment for me. I was struggling with life in general when notified of the passing of my dear uncle. This added momentum to the already downward spiral. In the workplace, however, I noticed that it was impossible to wish others "happy Valentine's Day" without smiling. Likewise, even my normally introverted co-workers were talking and laughing more than usual. Chocolates, flowers, cards, and music contributed to the warm and fuzzy feelings, giving the delusion that the world was as it should be, if even for a day. I came home that evening wondering what it would be like if we had "on demand" love notes sent to us. Like a phone app or something. A never-ending stream of personalized valentines. Would our attitudes change for the better if we had such a thing? Would our confidence increase on a steady diet of encouragement? Or would we take it for granted, eventually losing the meaning altog